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Recording Policy

For non lawyers
Goose fans are welcome to record Goose gigs for personal use and to share those recordings with friends provided that at no stage do you seek to make a profit from those recordings. Recordings may be made by use of small handheld devices. Large or professional equipment is not permitted. If taping a performance please respect the audience around you.

Trading of Goose's commercial recordings is both illegal and really uncool.

For lawyers
Recording at Goose gigs is authorized for non-commercial purposes only. Unauthorized sale, duplication and/or distribution is strictly forbidden.

All Goose performances and recordings are the exclusive property of Goose. All rights reserved.

The privileges to record Goose performances set forth in this policy constitute an express, revocable license. We reserve the right to withdraw our sanction of recording, tape trading, and/or non-commercial digital audio file transfers on a case specific basis or in general, as we deem necessary. No waiver of any copyright or trademark right is intended.

Upcoming Gigs

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Past Gigs
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Saturday, 30 JanuaryGovernor Hindmarsh Hotel (SA) [...]

Saturday, 31 JanuaryGovernor Hindmarsh Hotel (SA) [...]Photo's Available

Wednesday, 23 JanuaryTour Down Under Gourmet Gala (SA) [...]

Sunday, 25 MarchElectric Light Hotel (SA) [...]
Saturday, 24 MarchElectric Light Hotel (SA) [...]
Friday, 23 MarchElectric Light Hotel (SA) [...]
Thursday, 22 MarchElectric Light Hotel (SA) [...]
Wednesday, 21 MarchElectric Light Hotel (SA) [...]
Tuesday, 20 MarchElectric Light Hotel (SA) [...]

Sunday, 24 DecemberElectric Light Hotel (SA) [...]
Friday, 22 DecemberGovernor Hindmarsh Hotel (SA) [...]
Friday, 15 SeptemberGovernor Hindmarsh Hotel (SA) [...]
Sunday, 9 JulyGovernor Hindmarsh Hotel (SA) [...]
Saturday, 29 AprilGovernor Hindmarsh Hotel (SA) [...]

Monday, 26 DecemberGovernor Hindmarsh Hotel (SA) [...]Photo's Available
Sunday, 2 OctoberGovernor Hindmarsh Hotel (SA) [...]Photo's Available
Friday, 26 AugustGovernor Hindmarsh Hotel (SA) [...]
Sunday, 17 JulyPrince of Wales Hotel (VIC) [...]
Friday, 27 MayHeaven Niteclub (SA) [...]
Sunday, 8 MayThe Esplanade Hotel, Gershwin Room (VIC) [...]
Saturday, 30 AprilHoly Grail - Civic (ACT) [...]
Friday, 29 April@Newtown (SA) [...]
Saturday, 15 JanuaryGovernor Hindmarsh Hotel (SA) [...]

Saturday, 25 SeptemberGovernor Hindmarsh Hotel (SA) [...]
Sunday, 12 SeptemberPrince of Wales Hotel (VIC) [...]Photo's Available
Saturday, 19 JuneGovernor Hindmarsh Hotel (SA) [...]
Saturday, 3 AprilThe Night Cat (VIC) [...]
Sunday, 25 JanuaryThe Corner Hotel (VIC) [...]
Friday, 23 JanuaryGovernor Hindmarsh Hotel (SA) [...]

Thursday, 27 NovemberGovernor Hindmarsh Hotel (SA) [...]Photo's Available
Saturday, 25 OctoberBartercard Glenelg Jazz Festival (SA) [...]Photo's Available
Thursday, 19 JuneAdelaide Cabaret Festival (SA) [...]
Saturday, 7 JuneAdelaide Cabaret Festival (SA) [...]
Friday, 30 MayGovernor Hindmarsh Hotel (SA) [...]

Monday, 2 DecemberThe Corner Hotel (VIC) [...]
Sunday, 1 DecemberAthenaeum Theatre (VIC) [...]Photo's Available
Monday, 7 OctoberGovernor Hindmarsh Hotel (SA) [...]Photo's Available

Sunday, 26 NovemberRobe Village Fair (SA) [...]
Saturday, 25 NovemberRobe Village Fair (SA) [...]
Friday, 20 OctoberBartercard Glenelg Jazz Festival (SA) [...]
Saturday, 29 JulyGovernor Hindmarsh Hotel (SA) [...]
Saturday, 29 JulyGovernor Hindmarsh Hotel (SA) [...]
Friday, 28 JulyGovernor Hindmarsh Hotel (SA) [...]Photo's Available
Thursday, 11 MayHeaven II Niteclub (SA) [...]
Monday, 13 MarchHeaven II Niteclub (SA) [...]
Saturday, 26 FebruaryAdelaide Fringe Festival (SA) [...]Photo's Available
Friday, 25 FebruaryAdelaide Fringe Festival (SA) [...]

Thursday, 9 DecemberThe Planet (SA) [...]Photo's Available
Saturday, 23 OctoberBartercard Glenelg Jazz Festival (SA) [...]
Monday, 30 AugustGovernor Hindmarsh Hotel (SA) [...]
Tuesday, 25 MayGovernor Hindmarsh Hotel (SA) [...]Photo's Available
Sunday, 7 FebruaryGovernor Hindmarsh Hotel (SA) [...]Photo's Available

Gigs with a Photo Icon have a photo gallery